Robert Ryan - The Inborn Absolute


Robert Ryan discovered tattooing and painting as a young musician, and has spent the past twenty years perfecting his craft. Now he's one of the preeminent artists in his field, but has developed a style seemingly all his own: his work reveals a deep mastery of Americana tattoo traditions — bold lines, heavy shading, solid fields of color — that he uses to display mystical and extraordinary takes on religious iconography, sacred geometry, and spiritual journeys. After spending much of the past several years traveling throughout India, Nepal and Peru with shamans and monks, these images are alive with deep reverence and understanding for the subject matter and its history.

The Inborn Absolute collects the artist’s past five years of Eastern deity paintings, mandala studies, and even an unfettered glimpse into his sketchbook. It also includes interviews with iconic performer and artist Genesis P. Orridge and legendary tattoo artist Freddy Corbin that serve to contextualize Ryan’s work and his progression as an artist. Ultimately, The Inborn Absoluteis a celebration of an artist’s masterful blend of skill, tradition, and a knowledge which can only be passed down through oral traditions and ancient practices.